Beams Bending


Kindly read the instructions below while the applet loads. Depending on the input, the applet may take few seconds to calculate.

Moment, Shear and Deflection Calculator: Instructions

The java applet above is a tool for beam analysis. Its a beam calculator which draws shear force diagrams, bending moment diagrams and deflection for a single span beam. Using the applet is a four step process:

  1. 1.Select Beam Type

  2. 2.Set Beam Properties (like length, E, I etc.)

  3. 3.Add Load (repeat step 3 if you want to add multiple loads)

  4. 4.Click on calculate.

The applet calculates for three kinds of load: point load, distributed load and point moment. Keep the text fields in the applet blank if they are not applicable. The applet may take a few seconds to calculate.

See the pictures below to know how to add loads.

You can also click at a point in the diagrams to know the shear/ moment/ deflection values at a point in the beam. Click on ‘initialize’ to make the applet ready for a new calculation.

Example below: Triangular load on a overhanging beam

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